5 Reasons Why You Must Embrace Your Role As A Mother


About 8 years ago, I stared at my newborn son by my side. His eyes were wide open adjusting to life outside my body. I was amazed! This life I carried inside me for 9 long months was finally here. He stared back at me even as I held onto his little finger.

I had many questions in my head and heart. I was tired from the pains of birthing, but all I wanted was a warm bath and the comfort of my bedroom. Yet, I thought about what lay ahead of me.

I was excited but also afraid of this new journey. This was a new path. I was a mother now and my life was about to change forever.

Can you remember how you felt seeing your baby for the first time?

What kind of emotions did you express?

Did you quickly embrace your new role?

Did you feel bad about this new journey?

Yes, being a mother is the greatest job in the world.

But you will also agree with me that being a mother can be hard and overwhelming sometimes.

You will loose your sanity sometimes.

You will feel afraid on some days.

You will make mistakes.

You will cry silent tears.

You will crave being alone on other days.

You will feel defeat sometimes.

And you may even want to give it all up.

But can you look back at that moment when you held your newborn in your arms.

What did you feel in your heart?

Motherhood is a gift. Mother is a high calling.

You are a mother and you are here to bless and change lives forever.

Are you willing to embrace this role you have been given?

Are you ready to discover more about you?

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Must Embrace Your Role As a Mother:

1. You have the capacity to feed multitudes (generations).

2. You carry a message that has the capacity to change lives.

3. You have the ability to create little everyday miracles.

4. You have the capacity to influence lives.

5. You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

And yes, generations after you will carry your message, if you will only embrace your role today.


Many Hugs,



Who Raised This Child + 3 Lessons From a Parent Named Mordecai


Have you ever met some children display such great confidence? And then you wonder, who raised this child?

Have you ever met a child or teenager whose sound character and values leaves you speechless? And then you ask, who are your parents?

I once sat with a group of people having a conversation and I gave a totally different viewpoint while others toed a particular train of thought. I was only reflecting some things I learnt from home and this made me look different.

Someone once told me about a teenager who stood out in an entire class. The teacher commented that this teenager was so mature and different in her approach. People noticed and it stood her apart in the crowd. And somebody raised her right.

There was a young girl named Esther in the Bible. She rose from being an orphan to becoming a queen in her time. She is perhaps remembered for one of the most profound statements in the bible, “If I perish, I perish.”

She spoke these words when she was about to go in to meet the King in a time when it was forbidden to do so.

She damned all the consequences and went in because she had to fight to save her people.

Her uncle had earlier told her that if she did nothing to fight for her people, deliverance will arise from another place and that she and her father’s house will be destroyed.

This young woman found her purpose in the words that her uncle spoke to her. She steps into her purpose and fights to save and preserve the lives and generation of her people.

And yes, she did.

But she was an orphan who was raised by her uncle Mordecai. This parent figure in her life had put a lot of passion into raising a child that was not his.

He taught her obedience, he checked up on her always and he challenged her to stand up always and fight for a good cause.

What was it about Esther that commanded favour?

What was it that moved Esther from unknown to a person of influence in her generation?

Think about the man who raised her.

Find below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


1. You must always check up on your children. Continue reading

The Men In Your Life And The Lessons They Have To Share

mmI remember many years ago, a friend lost her mom whilst in school, her family was in pain and debt. She was also on the verge of being sent out of school. Her dreams of getting an education was about to end.

I was unsettled. I got home and told my dad. He was touched. He offered to help. And he did. My friend was not thrown out of school. And yes, she completed her education.

Fast forward to a few years later, as I began my journey to the University. I happened to school faraway from home, and each time I embarked on that journey to school, my father will call me aside and pray for me.

Years have passed, but I still remember those prayers and how I journeyed throughout my years in school without any sort of mishap or tragedy. I am also aware that those prayers sustained me even in my darkest hours.

I also still have clear memories from my childhood of my father always being there for us.

How he will pick us up from school everyday, drop us off at home and go back to work.

How we looked forward to Friday treats at a supermarket close to home.

How he prayed over me when I was very sick as a young child.

How he will take his time to get involved with our school work and activities.

How he fought through every difficult season valiantly.

How he showed us that your family always comes first.

And yes, children never really forget….

You see , life is a circle of lessons and you can open your heart to learn irrespective of who the teacher is.

I have learnt from my father, many life lessons over the years. And not just from him but from the men in my life. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Children


“To invest in a child is to invest in our common future. The world of tomorrow will inherit the children of today.” UNICEF

Have you ever watched the faces of parents whose child is being celebrated for his/her moral and academic excellence?

Do you see how much they beam with pride as their child walks up the stage to receive his award or prizes?

It is a moment worth capturing and a season worth celebrating. And for that parent, every time invested to nurture, support and encourage is worth it.

So, why are children an important part of our lives.

Why do children matter?

Why should you invest time and resources in the lives of your children?

Find below 7 reasons why you should invest in the lives of your children;

Those born by you, those adopted by you, those around you and those we come in contact with every single day.


When I first listened to Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani teenage girl who was shot by the Taliban, I was amazed at her depth and sense of purpose.

She is an advocate for girl child education. She is also the youngest Nobel prize winner.

Each time I watch or read about her and her work, I am convinced that children are the hope of the future and you must invest in them now.

Invest your time to teach them the right values just like Malala’s parents invested in their daughter. Read her words below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

โ€œWe realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.โ€

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.โ€

โ€œWhen the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.โ€ Malala Yousafzai

When you listen to such words spoken by a young girl, then you know that children are the hope of the future.

Will you keep this hope alive today in your families?


What happens when you turn on the light in a very dark room?

Darkness disappears and light reveals the true state of the room.

Your children ought to be like that light that dispels darkness everytime they show up.

Every child was born to soar and shine.

Every child has light within them.

Every child is a potential ray of light in a very dark world.

Every child can activate his/her light to shine for generations to come.

Will you nurture that light in your child?

Will you teach your child to shine today and everyday?


A Prayer Jesus Prayed And One Every Mother Should Pray

qeI call him the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth. He changed lives, transformed destinies and gave us a new life and hope.

Every person he met never remained the same. His ministry on the earth was just 3 years, yet he made such an impact and we still feel its effect today.

And just when he was about to round up his ministry on earth, he prayed for his disciples. He also went on to make prayer deposits for those who will come to know his name.

The 17th chapter of the book of John shows us the words Jesus spoke. He was a man of prayer and knew that the words he spoke will never return to him empty.

John 17:15,17 The Message Bible

“I am not asking that you take them out of the world, but that you guard them from evil.”

“Make them holyโ€”consecratedโ€”with the truth; Your word is consecrating truth.”

These are the words Jesus prayed for his disciples, and words which I believe every mother should pray over her child/children.

You will agree with me right now that the world is in total chaos; violence, rape, child molestation, perversion, poverty, divorce and killings are on the increase.

You will also agree with me that it is tough raising children in the world right now.

But as parents, mothers and caregivers, we can only choose to be intentional and commit to raising men/women who will dare to be different in their generation.

Jesus prayed to God to guard his disciples from evil in the midst of the chaos. He prayed to God to make them holy, consecrated with the truth of his word.

You can start saying these prayers today. You will not be with your children always but God can be with them all the time.

Your children will be confronted with the darkness in the world at different seasons of their lives.

But you can pray to God to make them holy, that he should separate them for himself and consecrate(purify) them with the truth of his word.

Will you say this prayer today over your child/children?

Will you speak God’s word over them today?

Will you take a chapter, a moment, an hour or just a few minutes from your life to pray for these children today?

God bless you as you do.

Many Hugs,



7 Insightful Motherhood Lessons From The Movie “Queen of Katwe”


“Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place where you belong”.

These words are the most quoted and remembered from the movie, “Queen of Katwe.”

It is a beautiful true life story about a young girl, Phiona Mutesi, who grew up in the slums of Uganda.

The movie takes you on a journey of how an encounter with the game of chess and the support of a coach completely changed the life of this young girl.

But my focus is on Phiona’s mother, Harriet Mutesi, a role played beautifully by Lupita Nyong’ O and many lessons we can learn from her.

Some minutes into the movie, you are introduced to the fierce and protective side of a mother, when Harriet confronts a man preying on her older daughter.

Harriet was a young widow with 4 children. She had also previously lost a child and was struggling to survive through each day with her children.

I watched with my ‘Mother Eyes and Heart’ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and extracted 7 Insightful Motherhood Lessons :

Here you go……


This mother held on to the believe that life had nothing better to offer her.

Her past and struggles had become her limitation.

Her dreams never came to pass, so it was hard to let go of what she was used to and believe for greater things for her children.


This mother sold maize to survive. She struggled through each day to feed her children and was eventually thrown out of her house.

She and her children became homeless. They walked into the night with no hope of where to lay their heads.

That particular scene in the movie brought tears to my eyes. I saw how a mother’s limits was tested yet she kept fighting.


There is a scene in the movie where Harriet meets a man from many years ago. They were from the same village and it was obvious that the man liked her.

She was in his shop to sell off a valuable piece of fabric. She states her price and
he promises to increase the money, but only if she can give him her body.

She refuses, collects the original amount agreed on and walks away with her dignity intact.

I saw how a mother’s values was put to test and she triumphed.


When her son spoke to her about giving Phiona, his sister a chance at this new game of chess, she had her fears but she listened.

Her next course of action tells us that she listened to the words of her son.

I saw that a mother’s heart was made to listen.

Wisdom and insight shows up when she does. Continue reading

Why Family Portraits Matter – A Sneak Peek Into The Stories Of Our Lives


We sat in the studio ready for our first picture together as a family. My husband and I with the children entrusted to us.

The photographer puts my son by my side, while my daughter sits with her daddy.

I am by my hubby’s side and can feel his hand drawing me closer to him.

The camera goes click, click as the photographer tries to get a perfect shot of us.

We are all smiles as we look at the camera.

Our hands and bodies held close together and our smiles a true reflection of our hearts.

I am then taken back to my childhood with my parents and siblings.

I must have been 9 years old. It was a studio too. We dressed up the African way, white kaftans, while my mum, sister and I opted for a kaftan top and skirt.

I can still remember the soft feel of the fabric and the neat black embroidery on those kaftans.

We sat close to each other and stared straight into the camera. The camera clicked away until the photographer got a perfect shot.

Many years have passed, great changes have occurred and life has moved on. That picture still has its spot on the wall in my parent’s living room.

And each time I see it, I smile and I am reminded of our journey and how far we have come.

The good times, the bad times, the difficult times. We walked through it all and are still standing.

I drift back to reality as the photographer nods at us. Done!

My family’s portrait arrived some days into the new year and sits at ease on the wall in my living room.

I walk by it every single day and I catch a glimpse of those who have brought so much joy into my life.

I see the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes and I am reminded of her grand entrance into my world.

I look at my son’s smile and I am amazed at how much sunshine he has brought into our lives.

I stare hard at the man who opened his heart to love me and I am reminded of God’s unfailing love and mercies.

Do you know that family portraits give us a sneak peek into the stories of our lives? Continue reading

3 Quick Ways to Pray Everyday For Your Children


Have you ever been fired up as a mother after listening to a particular message at church?

Your action plan is to start praying consistently for your children. You are ditching prayerlessness for good.๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

You have your plan laid out, bible in hand, songs to worship and words to declare.

And then you take that spot on your sofa, start to mumble some words when you suddenly jump up at the sound of your alarm and realise its 5am in the morning.

If you can relate, please raise those hands up. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

You still have on clothes from the previous day, and then that guilt feeling washes over you. “Not again”, you say.

I remember many times laying down on my bed determined to pray for my kids that night, but then my tired body took over and my eyes slowly shut out the world around her.

How about that feeling you get after hearing mothers tell stories about how they wake up every night to pray for their children? You are left wondering if you are really doing enough.

Prayer is communication with God. It is talking to him. It is listening to him speak to you. Prayer also has a lot to do with your faith in him.

So whether you mumble those words about your children to him while doing dishes, or you sing him a song of praise while making meals, or you pour your heart out to him about that child when taking a shower. It really doesn’t matter.

Only let those words come from the heart of a daughter who seeks wisdom, hope and strength in the arms of her heavenly father.

And I want you to know that God hears every single word you speak about your children. He also hears all your unspoken desires for them.

And if you ever feel like you are not doing enough to fill up those prayer tanks for your children, remember that little drops of water make a mighty ocean.



Your mornings can get very busy as aย  mother, but commitment and being intentional is very key on this journey.

You can always say a quick prayer together with your child/children before or after you bath them in the morning.

This is what I do with my 8 year old son. If I start the week praying on Monday, he prays on Tuesday, and then I pray on Wednesday.

We swap days till the end of the week. We miss some days at times but I am determined to keep at it. Keep it simple and short too. Continue reading

8 Reasons Why God Made You A Mother


Do you know that motherhood will sometimes bring you the good, the bad and the ugly?

Well if you didnt know it, I’m telling you now!

Have you ever seen a woman who waited 8 years to conceive her first child. Her burden is lifted when she gets pregnant, fingers crossed, she is anxious till
the day her baby arrives and then you will see the good of motherhood.

Then, you must have seen a woman whose marriage has turned sour and her aggression and anger is turned towards her children. It’s a sorry sight but there you will see the bad of motherhood.

Then, there’s that woman who sees her children as a burden and limitation. She cares less about their education, health and future. She just wants to enjoy her own life. There, you see the ugly side of motherhood.

Now, read this; It may be that your pregnancy was not planned and you might have even called it a mistake but I want you to know that God chose you and made you a mother for a reason.

You may be overwhelmed by the many challenges of motherhood, times are hard and your children must be fed, clothed and educated but know this, you are perfect for your children and God chose you for them.

He chose you to raise them, to train them and nurture them for He knows that you alone are fit for that role in those lives.

Motherhood is power.

Motherhood is influence.

Motherhood is about impacting generations to come.

Embrace your role and love the journey.

Here are 8 reasons why God made you a mother. Continue reading

3 Powerful Motherhood Lessons From The Cross


You celebrated Easter over a week ago and it is a time when you reflected on the redemptive work of Christ.

I for one, received a lot of greetings and messages of resurrection wishes and I know you did too.

Jesus Christ died to save the world from sin and death and because he lives, you have no fear of what tomorrow brings.

But while you celebrate the victories wrought on the cross, I’ll like you to take a moment to remember that a mother once watched her son die like a criminal.

He was beaten and bruised. He was given a crown made of thorns. He was stripped of his garment.

He was nailed to a cross. He was hung between two criminals while she watched many mock and despise him.

She wept and watched in pain as her son fulfilled his purpose. And just before he drew his last breath, he gave her a new son, and his disciple a new mother. He showed her that even though he was going away, her life was not over yet.

At the cross, motherhood took a new meaning, a mother whose heart had been shattered received hope to start a new journey. Here are 3 powerful motherhood lessons from the cross. Continue reading