Prayer Seeds – Who/What Can Shield You on All Sides?


Did you know that an armour is one of the most important part of every soldier’s equipment?

This remains true today, as it was for the Roman soldiers from thousands of years ago.

The technology of the armour may have changed but the ultimate aim remains, protecting the soldier during battle. And a shield was one of the most important piece of the ancient Roman soldier’s armour.

A shield is a piece of personal armour held in the hand or mounted on the wrist or forearm. Shields are used to intercept specific attacks, whether from close-ranged weaponry or projectiles such as arrows by means of active blocks.

Now you imagine a Roman soldier with his shield,sword and spear, geared up and ready for battle.

He charges towards his enemy with great energy, holding his shield close to his chest. He is fearless in pursuit of his victory. His shield is also ready to protect him from all the arrows shot at him by his opponent.

Sometimes these Roman soldiers form a solid defence with their armor. They kneel with one leg raised and the other holding them up.

They are closely knit together with their shields held up as a strong and immovable defence. They are ready to defend their territory with every ounce of strength in their bodies. Their shield has become a strong defence roundabout them.

This is what it looks like when this ‘word seed’ says God is a shield for you.

But thou, O Lord , art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
Psalms 3:3 KJV

But you, God , shield me on all sides; You ground my feet, you lift my head high; With all my might I shout up to God , His answers thunder from the holy mountain.
Psalm 3:3‭-‬4 MSG

David spoke these words when he fled from Absalom his son. He said to God, you shield me on all sides.

Do you know that God can shield your children on all sides? Continue reading


Prayer Seeds: Battle Plans and a Superior Force in Battle


A former US Marine once gave the following tips for drafting a battle plan.

He said, “Learn as much as you can about your opponent, his fighting style, whether he uses armor aircraft or soldiers alone.

Determine where and when he is most likely to strike and using that information, place your assets in, near and around that target area. When he strikes, you will be ready, but be prepared for surprises.”

But then in the midst of all of these plans, how well prepared can you be in the day of battle. Surprises are always the greatest threat to any battle.

So you can imagine how I felt when I stumbled on this powerful ‘seed word’ in my bible.

O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle. Psalms 140:7 KJV

O Lord, you are my God and my saving strength! My Hero-God, you wrap yourself around me to protect me. For I’m surrounded by your presence in my day of battle.
Psalms 140:7 TPT

Did you know that there is a battle for lives, souls and destinies of your children? Continue reading

Prayer Seeds [March Series]


A man once told the story about a farmer who went out to his field to plant seed. The farmer walked towards his field joyfully. His bag of seed was strapped across his shoulder and his hat shading his face from the rising sun.

He stared round the field and mapped out a path for scattering his seed. As he scampered along his field planting, some seed fell along his pathway and the birds came and ate them.

Some fell on rocky paths, while some dropped amongst the thorns and bushy parts of the field. The farmer still stayed on course and kept scattering seeds across the field. He was certain that most of his seed fell on fertile soil. He looked forward to a great harvest.

Weeks passed and his seeds began to sprout. He noticed that the seeds that fell amongst the rocks were growing, but soon wilted away for lack of moisture. He also watched those seeds that fell amongst thorns sprout, but were soon choked up by the thorns in their midst.

After a little while, his seeds became fruits and added splashes of colour and beauty to his field. He smiled at his large harvest. He watched with excitement as many trooped in to buy his fruits and crops. Those seeds that fell on fertile ground had yielded him a great harvest.

I got to experience that feeling the farmer had some years ago. My husband discovered the pleasure of gardening and he set out to plant some seeds. He planted seeds from a sweet bell pepper and tomato fruit.

We all watched with excitement as his seeds began to sprout. And then those tiny seed grew and grew until it yielded sweet bell peppers. My husband did a lot of tending. He watered, he took out weeds and he trimmed. We finally got to savour the goodness of sweet bell peppers in our meals after some months.

By the way, the man who shared the farmer’s story is Jesus. He concluded his story with this beautiful statement after his disciples asked that he share lessons from the story.

“This is the meaning of the parable: The seed is God’s word. Luke 8:11 NLT

He likened God’s word to a seed.

Do you know that every plant and tree you see today was once a seed? Continue reading

When Mothers Pray – Will You Give Your Child/Children to God Today?


How does a woman give away easily something she has asked for her whole life?

How does a mother let go of a child she has prayed for many years unending?

How does a mother ‘let go and let God’ especially when it is a child you have waited for all your life?

Follow me.

You will recall the story of a woman called Hannah in the Bible. She was married to a good man but was unable to bear children.

Days turned into months and the months became years. And then she still had to endure the mockery from her fellow woman.

Hannah was burdened and her husband lacked the right words to console her. Yet she clinged to her hope in God.

But on one of her family’s visit to Shiloh ( their place of worship), she separates herself and pours out her heart to God. She was all alone and she spoke to God from the deepest parts of her heart.

Her lips moved with no words heard. Her head swayed from side to side with her eyes tightly closed. Tears streamed down her eyes like rain droplets.

Her countenance was like that of a mother who just lost her only child. She groaned and sighed intermittently until the priest ‘s words nudged her back to reality.

‘How long will you be in this drunken state woman?’, he asked. She opens her eyes widen and says to him, ‘I am not drunk. I am only a woman with a sorrowful spirit who has come to pour out her heart before God.’

This is where I am going.

Shortly before the priest showed up, Hannah made a vow before God. She said to God, ‘If you will give me a son, I will give him to you all the days of his life.’ 1 Samuel 1:11

And yes, she did. She returned to God several months later with that son and spoke these words which I believe every mother should take in and ponder.

“I asked the Lord to give me this boy, and he has granted my request. Now I am giving him to the Lord , and he will belong to the Lord his whole life.” And they worshiped the Lord there.” 1 Samuel 1:27‭-‬28 NLT

Did you see that? She said that she was giving him back to God and that he will belong to the Lord as long as he lives.

You asked God for that child and he gave it to you. You may have gotten your children easily or you may have waited a while for them to show up. But now that they are here, how are you giving them back to God? Continue reading

When Mothers Pray – One Mother’s Faith and The Legacy She Left Behind


Did you know that there was a woman who earned her place in the annals of history because of her faith?

Do you know that a mother’s humility and faith can change the course of her child’s life forever?

She was a mother like you and I today. Her days were filled with work, chores and calming screaming children. She also gave of herself to see that her family was well cared for.

She was from another country, but was now settled in a new country and a new people.
She married a foreigner and was learning the ways and culture of her new family. She had a great family but something was missing in her home. All was not well.

Her daughter’s violent outbursts was a heavy burden in her heart. She leaped in fear each time her daughter jumped up from her bed. She watched in pain as her daughter danced and laughed at nothing in particular. She would go round the room pointing out writings on the wall only she could see, then burst out in fits of laughter.

Many said her daughter was possessed by a devil. Some mocked her and named her as the source of her daughter’s condition. Tears filled her eyes each time she looked at her daughter. ‘If only she can be well again’, she said to herself.

But this mother had a strange addiction. She loved listening to stories. She would laugh, cry or even shout whenever she heard a new story. One day, she saw a group of women gather and quickly walked towards them. She heard them share a story about a certain man who healed the sick and did great miracles.

Her curiosity widened as she heard some of the women testify of this man’s work. She turned around and whispered to herself, “Maybe this man could help heal her daughter.” She wondered within her and asked one of the women where she could find this man.

On one of those not-so-good days, while sitted by her daughter’s bed, she heard a loud noise outside her home. It must have been from few houses away from hers. She peeped through her window and saw a large crowd of people gathered. She heard someone scream, ‘The healer is here. The man who does miracles is here’.

She quickly grabbed her scarf and wrapped it around her head. She shut her daughter in and ran towards the home where the crowd was gathered. She slipped quietly through the crowd and knelt before this stranger. The many stories she had heard about him filled her heart with faith for this moment. She believed that her daughter could be well again.

She fell at his feet and poured out her heart before him. This man looked at her and knew immediately that she was a foreigner in that land. He then turns to her and says , ‘It is not right to take the children’s bread and cast it to dogs’. Continue reading

When Mothers Pray – Keep Knocking That Door for Your Child

20190206_112819_0001Someone special and dear to my heart once shared this story with me. It is a story from thousands of years ago. A story that teaches one very important virtue, PERSISTENCE.

Here it is.

There was a certain judge in a city. He was mean and hardly cared about people and their feelings. He always did as he pleased and treated people unfairly.

He was in a privileged position, but chose rather to intimidate and devalue his fellow man. He also had no regard for his creator.

But in that same city, there was also a woman who was a widow. Widowhood came calling in an unexpected manner and season of life.

She was struggling to find her feet again, after the loss of her husband. She had a big challenge and ran to this judge to give her justice.

She was helpless and this judge was her only solution. She wanted him to give her justice in a dispute between her and her adversary. But this judge ignored her each time she showed up. Yet, she kept going back with her request.

On one very good day, perhaps spotting this widow from a distance, this judge said to himself, ‘I will give her justice today’.

He said: ‘This woman is driving me crazy with her constant requests. I know that I do not fear God or man, but I will ensure she gets justice today lest she wears me out with her persistence’.

My special friend then goes on to ask me about the lessons I learnt from this story. He also says this:

“Even he( the Judge) rendered a just decision in the end. So don’t you think God will surely give justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?” Luke 18:7

I will like to put it this way. Don’t you think that God will surely answer the mother or woman who cries to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off and turning them away?

Did you know that you will experience seasons in your motherhood journey where you will knock day and night in prayer for answers? Continue reading

When Mothers Pray – Dare to Ask Concerning Your Unborn/Born Child

20190206_112819_0001Some years ago, a few people gathered to celebrate the birth of our son. Our families were present, alongside some friends to share in this beautiful moment.

We were now ready to share with the world the names God had put in our heart for that child.

But just before that moment, the preacher amongst us proceeded to share some lessons with us. He did not speak for long, and said that he perceived that good seeds have been planted with words over the child.

He then went on to share a particular verse from the bible, one that has remained with me all these years. I scribbled it down that day in one of my notepads, and recently stumbled on it in another notepad where I had rewritten it.

So what words am I talking about. Follow me closely.

A certain couple from long ago started out on this beautiful journey of marriage. They loved each other and looked forward to starting a family. Days and years passed and the woman was unable to conceive.

One day, perhaps while musing over her predicament or simply lost in thought, an angel shows up before her. The angel tells her about the son she will bear and gives her specific instructions concerning this child.

Her husband happened to be absent at that meeting, but she tells him everything. He then prays to God to send the angel back. He wanted to hear for himself.

“Then Manoah entreated the Lord , and said, O my Lord, let the man of God which thou didst send come again unto us, and teach us what we shall do unto the child that shall be born.” Judges 13:8

The latter part says, ‘teach us what we shall do unto this child that shall be born’. These were parents who were bold enough and dared to ask concerning their unborn child. They are the parents of Samson, one of the heroes of faith in the Bible.

This mother had the rare privilege of gaining insight into the destiny of her unborn child. It happened because alongside her husband, they asked.

It is your turn now.

Have you ever asked concerning your child? Continue reading



Someone once shared with me about her childhood. She and her siblings grew up seeing her mom move around the house always mumbling words to herself.

She grew up accustomed to that image of a woman, who sat still within the confines of their home, having deep conversations with herself. They had come to accept that something was not quite right with their mother.

Fast forward to many years later. That young child was now a young woman. The blurred images from yesterday were now clear pictures. Her mom had aged now but still moved around their home talking to herself and laughing out loud.

She had peeped at her on one of those days, and in that moment she understood what had been all along.

She found her sitted on her favorite sofa, having conversations with a stranger. This person was so real to her mother but unseen to her.

She watched her mother willingly share her fears, desires and argue her case with great precision before this unseen being.

But then, it hit her in that place and moment, that her mom had always been in prayer mode all these years.

God was a person to her, and she had mastered the art of conversing daily with him. This is how she had learnt to pray and pour out her heart like water before her heavenly father.

So what happens when mothers pray.

What happens when a mother understands her place in the destinies of her children? Continue reading



It must have been like 10 years ago. I was with a young woman who later became a friend. She was married with a daughter at that time. I often enjoyed her presence and our lessons together.

I learnt a lot about homeliness just watching her. I could feel the warmth anytime I was around her. She also had this calm disposition and a smile that always spoke a thousand words.

But at that time, she had a deep longing in her heart. It was a silent wish to be a mother again. She wished to hold another child in her hands. It was a silent desire and sometimes we spoke about it in our conversations.

Not that she was under any kind of pressure from her husband, but society and cultural influences had quickly put her on the hot seat. Then she got to hear words like, “Madam what are you waiting for now? Have you not had another child since then?”

I can imagine how many of those words she heard in that season of her life. She really wished so much to have another child, but then she said to me on one of those days, ” I have one and I am eternally grateful for her. It will be so unfair of me to let worry drown my soul. What of those women that have none?”

Someone once said to me, “Look at my home, I have all of this and everything I desire. But I truly wish there were children running around playing and laughing, shutting out this silence in her world. ” This was one of her many worries.

Have you ever met a young married woman in dire need of a child [ especially in this part of the world]?

She counts days on the calendars with so much detail. She always asks to know if there is something she is doing wrong. She sits aloof at times and cries her heart out at other times.

She sometimes throws away constraints and starts to seek answers in the wrong places. She is worried sick as the years roll by. But then her miracle seems miles away and silence surrounds her like a river.

Yes, we all have diverse wishes and worries. While one woman wishes for a better marriage, another wishes to feel the beauty of carrying a life inside her.

While one woman wishes for a better life for her children, another worries that she may never know what it feels like to hold a child in her arms.

While one woman wishes to meet the man of her dreams, another worries that singlehood will stay glued to her forever.

And just like your wishes are different from mine, so will our paths and stories also differ. Wishes do come true and sometimes it remains what it is ‘ a wish’.

So while you wish and wait, know that wishes come true and sometimes the universe will go silent.

So while you wish and wait, remember to learn lessons on your journey. Remember to write stories of hope and love. Remember to become a better you, that you may have to give the next generation. And this is “Why you Mother”

And someone asks, What if those wishes never come true? This is what I have to say. Look within and keep living. Look within and keep loving. Look within and keep giving. Continue reading

Why You Mother – Purpose, Power and Influence


There is the story of a mother from long ago. She was the wife of a minister who had 10 children. Her home was always a beehive of activity, yet she was in control and never compromised her time with God.

She had a daily two-hour routine and her children had grown to understand that part of their mother’s life. She had a spot in her home where she spent time with God everyday. She always pulled her apron over her head to curb the distraction of playing children.

Many who walked pass that building grew accustomed to this odd looking posture by the window. But in the privacy of her self-made little tent, she built a deep relationship with God through his word and interceded for her husband and children.

Two of her children, John and Charles Wesley went on to shape the course of Christian history. Charles wrote more than 6600 hymns, many of which are still in hymnals around the world today. His mother was Susannah Wesley.

She understood her place in the course of history. She understood that her purpose was to birth and nurture greatness. She understood that prayer was a powerful tool in shaping the destinies of her children. And this is ‘Why You Mother’.

There is another mother that also comes to mind. She reminds me of the power you have in your hands. She shut down excuses and broke down walls of limitation. She wielded the power in her hands and made a difference in the lives of her children.

Her son was struggling in school and was at the bottom of his class. In a place of quietness, she received wisdom. She asked her sons to read a book each week and write a written report about the book to her. She was an uneducated single mother working odd jobs to cater for her sons.

This action as told by her son, Benjamin Carson, opened up his mind to a whole new world of learning. He could now answer questions in the classroom with great confidence.

His desire and hunger for knowledge multiplied. He rose from the bottom of the class to the top. He went on to become a world renowned Neuro-surgeon. His mother was Sonya Carson.

She understood that mothers never give up on their children. She understood that mothers have the power to make a difference in the lives of her children. She understood the place of wisdom and discernment in the life of a mother. And this is ‘Why You Mother’.

How can I forget this mother. I call her mother even though she has no biological child of her own. I remember watching one of her birthday celebrations many years ago. Several young men from Morehouse College filed out to celebrate her that day. Continue reading