Dear Mother


Dear mother,

It may look like all that you do for your family goes unnoticed. The time you give, the meals you cook, the dishes you do, the unending laundry.

How about those hugs you give, the songs you sing, the prayers you say and the many sleepless nights.

You feel overwhelmed sometimes. You want to give up at other times. Dear mother, these little things you do with so much love can and will never be forgotten.

You are serving, you are giving, you are making love deposits, you are making memories and shaping lives for eternity.

This is your time. This is your moment. Stay strong and keep doing what you do.

You are a mother and these little things you do daily, will give you many reasons to smile tomorrow.


Name 1 Woman That Inspires You.


Every woman, every mother and every girl is worth celebrating. Ask me why.

They are life givers, they nurture, they build and they influence. (Feel free to add yours)

I believe outside your own biological mother, there is one woman somewhere who remains priceless in your heart.

She inspires you, she motivates you and she encourages you. She has also become an unforgettable part of your life’s journey.

Your paths may have crossed physically, spiritually, through books or even on social media. Let’s celebrate that special woman with you here on the blog. Share your story about this inspirational woman and why she inspires you in the comments section.

The stories of many mothers inspire me, but today I would like to stick with Sonya Carson, mother of world-renowned neurosurgeon, Benjamin Carson. And this is why she inspires me. Continue reading

Yipee! My Daughter Cooked Her First Meal.


Yes, I am super excited because my little ones are growing up fast. I remember that day like yesterday, regaining consciousness from a c-section, the only words I could mutter was, ‘Where is my baby?’. I spoke those words several times. My hubby brought her close to me. My heart was full of gratitude as I stared at her endlessly. I am a mother again!

God blessed me with a daughter. She sparks up our world while her brother gives us lots of sunshine. She is curious and quick to learn. I am also learning patience and selfless giving. Yes, I am super excited because she cooked her first meal successfully. She learned watching me, as I diced my onions, seasoned my chicken and chopped my vegetables. She watched me pick out the plates and saw how I served their meals.

I never knew, that she was all the while learning even as a little baby strapped to my back, while I made meals everyday. She would stretch her head forward wanting to see every single thing I did. Little did I know that she was taking it all in and those images came alive as she put her knowledge to the test.

I smiled watching her some days ago, as she picked out everything she needed to make her first meal. She mixed, she stirred and then she cooked. Dinner was ready. She went on to serve herself and tasted her meal. She calls out ‘Mummy’ and gives me a big smile. I smile right back at her. And yes she is a little over 2 years old and she cooked her first meal successfully.

I am a mother. My life is a book full of lessons. My words are a sweet or bitter fountain. My actions are daily teaching morals and values.

Every day, my little ones are watching. They see what I do and will learn a lot about this thing called ‘Life’. Everyday gives us opportunities as mothers to teach, to lead and to love. The way we live our own lives is how they will learn about life.

What current is flowing out from the streams of your heart? What words are you speaking to your kids? What kind of stories are you telling them from the chapters of your own life?

My daughter cooked her first meal and felt great. She learnt by watching me make their meals everyday. Our children will do what they see us do. They pick up a lot by simply watching us. We are the mirror they stare at to see what they really look like.

I am a mother and I am willing to become a better person. I seek to grow and learn so that I can have many lessons to teach. I am ready to give it my all, that I might be a worthy teacher and my life an inspiring story.

Many Hugs,




The Power Of Compassion (1)


Photo source – Daily Mail

I once read about a boy from India, Mahendra Ahirwar who suffered from a rare condition called congenital myopathy, a condition that made his neck muscles weak, making his head hang at a 180-degree angle. His mother bathed, fed and dressed him. He couldn’t go to school like other children his age.

And then I read about a woman, a mother from the UK, Julie Jones. This teenager’s story touched her a lot and she decided to do something about it. Julie set up a crowd-funding page for Mehandra in a bid to raise money for a surgery that could give him a new lease of life. Within 28 days, the page had raised 12,000 pounds.

Two continents apart and the power of compassion is felt deeply. It simply flows from one woman’s world to a young boy’s heart. Mehandra had surgery and was able to sit with his head hanging upright. But sadly, he passed away 8-months after his life changing surgery.

We are two worlds apart, different in the colour of our skin and even in our beliefs, our languages may not even sound alike, yet compassion can break these boundaries.

Many are sick while others are dying, thousands of children go through each day with little or no education, as many daily flee their war-torn countries in search of a better future. Continue reading

The True Value Of Life Is Not In Its Duration But In Its Donation.


How much value is your life adding to humanity? How much of your humanity is felt by those closest to you? Will the world feel an angel depart when your light fades away? Think about it!

The true value of life is not in how long you live, but how much impact you make. It will also be about the memories you live behind. Good or bad.
I leave you with the words of Dr Myles Monroe…

“The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live. And most people are concerned about growing old rather than being effective.

The people who have impacted the world didn’t live long, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy. These people who made great impact in the world were not old people, but they lived so effectively that we cannot erase them from history. ”

So live your life effectively and leave footprints in the hearts and lives of others.

Many Hugs,




Dear Mother


Dear Mother,

Motherhood is a high calling.

A call to serve.

A call to nurture.

A call to give.

A call to shape minds and shape the future.

A call to protect.

A call to influence.

A call to build lasting legacies.

Motherhood is a high calling.

It is a call to give life and light to the next generation.

5 Reasons You Must Inspire Your Girl Child.


Today is the International Day of The Girl Child, and it is all about girls.

Yes, girls, girls, girls. Girl power, girls winning, girls leading, girls becoming and girls inspiring the world.

I am a girl and I have a girl in my life now. She came into my world 2 years ago and she has the most amazing smile.

Her presence can never go unnoticed, she is full of energy and her laughter is infectious. She is my daughter and a girl who is just learning about the world.

I am girl who seeks knowledge and always searches for inspiration. I am a girl, I am a mother, my life and values can either make or break the generation after me.

Every girl needs some inspiration. Inspiration to live, to give and to become. Every little girl is special and she needs to hear it. That little girl needs to know how valuable and priceless she is.

Every girl needs some inspiration. Inspiration to dream, to believe and to achieve. Every little girl needs to know that she can achieve her dreams. That little girl needs some courage and faith in those wings to fly. Continue reading

Dear Mother


Dear Mother,

Can you confidently say at the end of your life that you passed on the baton of faith, courage, hope and love to your child/children?

Can you boldly say at the end of your life that you enriched your child/children with great values, and that you filled their hearts with wisdom?


Can you confidently look God in the face at the end of your life and say – that which you entrusted to me, I led, I loved, I cared, I gave and I nurtured.