Women, Let Your Light Shine.


Every woman is a light that can shine for generations to come.

Every woman has the potential for greatness buried deep within her.

Every woman carries seeds that can grow to become a big tree.

Every woman has words in her that can build or destroy the next generation.

Every woman has great strength in her and can do all that she sets out to do.

Every woman has a heart of compassion and can move mountains to save a life.

Every woman is a builder and can shape minds and influence generations.

Every woman has the heart of a warrior and will fight to protect those she loves.

Every woman will love selflessly when she grasps the true definition of love.

Every woman can be a great support system and will stand with you even in your darkest moments.

Every woman has light in her and its brightness can be unending.

You are a woman,

Sent on a mission,

You were made like God,

To show the world what he looks like,

You can think like him,

You can create like him,

You can love like him.

You can do things like him.

You are him. Continue reading


Dear Mother

Dear Mother,
Did you know love was this beautiful?
Love carried this life inside you.
Love gave you strength to push him forth.
Love found you again when you held him in your arms.
Love brought forth sweet melodies from your heart.
Love made you pray for him even when you did not feel like.
Did you ever know that love was this beautiful?
Your love will give him wings to fly.
Your love will give him hope in the midst of a storm.
Your love will show him what loving is all about.
Your love will remind him of things that matter.
Your love will give him memories he will never forget.
And yes, this love of yours is so beautiful.

A Lover Like No Other (1)


She strapped me to her back many years ago, as I struggled to stand on my feet unaided. I was weak and restless, yet she remained calm.

She had faith and waited patiently for the doctor’s diagnosis. She knew that I will be fine. Many years later, I still have that image of my 7 year old self strapped to my mummy’s back. And yes, children never really forget.

She was there once again. I was held down with a bad case of malaria. I was no longer a child but a young growing woman. I was weak and helpless, with no words to say. And there she was, by my side to bathe me, feed me and nurture me back to health. I still have those images in my head.

And yes, children never really forget how you loved and how much you stood by them.

She has been there all along. As I made my entrance into her body. She was there with me and gave her body to accommodate me for 9 good months.

She endured all the changes her body went through because of me. She was strong at times and restless at other times. She tickled my feet and giggled as I played around inside her. I felt her touch all the time.

She sang to me. She spoke to me. She prayed for me. She told me how much she loved me. And that she will always be there for me.

And there she was as I made my grand entrance into the world. I made her whine and cry for some hours before I showed up. She pushed me forth with all her strength. Though weary and exhausted from her labour, she still held me close and touched me all over.

She has been there with me all my life. She dressed me up for my first day at school. She taught me new words. She taught me new songs. She made me laugh with her stories. She shared about her struggles and journey.

She worked hard to make ends meet. She wore few jewelries and had no time for excesses. She made sure there was always food on the table.

She has always been there for me. She worked. She talked. She counselled. She encouraged. She supported. She believed. She prayed. She stood.

There is a lover like no other.
Her words are life.
Her actions are lessons.
Her counsels are gold.
Her life a light.

There is a lover like no other.
She carried me.
She nurtured me.
She raised me.
She taught me.

There is a lover like no other.
She is mother to me.
She is giver to me
She is goodness to me.
She is love to me.

There is a lover like no other.
She loved me selflessly.
She gave to me endlessly.
She believed in me openly.
She prayed for me ceaselessly.

She is a lover like no other.
May the fire of her love keep burning.
May the light in her life keep shining.

© 2018

I Dedicated this piece to every mother. You are appreciated and you give us a good glimpse of what love really is. God bless you and keep you.

Motherhood and Name Calling + The Mother Who Named Her Child Sorrow

TPPY Award Entries

I have always been fascinated with the story of Jabez in the bible. I often wondered why a mother would name her child Jabez which means “sorrow maker”.

I can also imagine how Jabez must have felt through his growing years with a name like that.

His mother called him Jabez because she bore him in pain. She projected her pain and sorrow into her child’s life. He was her reminder of the pain and struggles she had been through.

Her intentions may have been pure but the consequences of that single action had the power to destroy her child’s destiny.

Today, our intentions and actions as mothers can sometimes also positively or negatively alter the course of our child/children’s destiny.

Imagine calling a child sorrow maker every single day of his life.

Imagine calling a child stupid every day.

Imagine telling a child that he is useless and will never amount to anything.

Imagine telling a child that she is dumb every other day.

Imagine how those words can easily become that child’s reality.

Dear Mother, Continue reading

7 Insightful Quotes About Motherhood.


Motherhood is a high calling. It will also take lots of wisdom and character to nurture a child who will bring you joy and peace in the winter season of your life.

You will work hard, sleep less, make great sacrifices and love endlessly.

But always remember that you are a mother and you are here to shape lives and give light to the next generation.

Why You Must Explore, Dream And Discover Your Path.

imagesWhat are those things you want to achieve? What are those dreams in your heart? What is that one thing holding you back? There is so much potential inside you still untapped? Explore, dream and discover who and what you can become.

The world is at your feet, opportunities await you and many problems still unsolved. There is so much you can do with these treasures still trapped within you. Explore, dream and discover the masterpiece that you are.

What is that one thing you want to do? What is that picture you see constantly in your mind? Embrace courage and step out of your comfort zone. There is a part of you yet to be revealed. Keep exploring, dream on and you will soon discover.

Why then must you explore your life? Why must you have dreams? Why do you have to discover yourself? Because,

You are much more than you look or think. Continue reading

When Mommy Leaves And Misses Many Milestones.

pexels-photo-226618 (1)

I have a friend, her pretty face always wore a smile that could light up a dark room. We happened to spend a few years of our lives together while in the University, and yes, I had gotten used to her smiles.

Tasty meals, encouraging words and a cozy home are memories I have of my stay with her. She also talked a lot about her mother and how much she loved her. Her mother was her hero and I never got to meet her.

But then I remember that night over 10 years ago. A Night of Bliss it was, many had come from afar for a miracle in their lives. We stood and listened to the words of the preacher. “Miracles are happening right now”, he said. So my friend and I held hands to pray for her sick mother.

When two or three agree about anything, then it is settled, so the bible says. We trusted God in faith, believing for a miracle of healing for her mother. But God was silent. No words spoken. No answers given.

She waited anxiously for news of her mother’s recovery. She was eager to speak to her mother once again. But then this mommy had bid the earth goodbye long before we held hands to pray that night.

She was writing her exams and her sisters did not want to tear her world apart with the news of their mom’s passing. She only got to know later and I saw those walls in her world come crumbling down.

She cried her eyes out for days. I remember waking up one morning after she got the news, the pillow was soaked up with tears she had cried all night. I wished I had words to console her. Her pain was deep. Many words unspoken. Many memories flashing. Many questions unanswered.

You see this friend’s mommy left a bit too soon. She left and missed many milestones in the lives of her children. Her daughters are left with memories of her lovely smile and portraits of her warmth, grace and goodness.

My friend graduated from the University and her mommy was absent. She got married and mommy was not there. She got a job and began to earn and mommy was nowhere to be found. She had her daughter and mommy was not within reach. She had her son and mommy’s voice is all she could hear in her head. She had many words to speak, many counsels to seek and many gifts to give. Continue reading

The Seeds We Plant And Fruits That Will Show

I once watched a farmer plant tomato seeds in tiny little bags that he had stacked up with rich soil. I saw those seeds sprout a few days later.
I also watched and saw how some of those seeds never sprouted and how frustrated the farmer felt.
Some of his plants blossomed at first, but then I watched as some leaves began to wither away. The plant never reached its full potential.
I watched the farmer care for and nurture his plants. I also saw his frustration when things were not going the way he wanted. He had planted, he had nurtured and still some of his plants still would not bear fruit.
Water is life to a plant and I have seen drooping leaves come back alive with a cup of water touching its roots.
It is amazing to watch how seeds planted sprout and grow into beautiful plants and sturdy trees. They grow tall, some short and others with splashes of color to brighten our day. While some give beauty to our space, others bear fruits for us to enjoy.
Our children are like seeds planted. They will sprout and reach their full potential if nurtured in the right environment. They are here to fill the earth and add value to humanity. 
We do not sow seeds and walk away, we nurture them till they start to blossom. And even when some seeds refuse to sprout, we must never give up. We may need to plant all over again.
Our children are the seeds we are planting for the next generation. I am the farmer whose job is to tend and nurture his plant. My seeds will sprout, their roots will grow deep and their fruits will show someday.
These children are the plants and trees that will add beauty to the world tomorrow. My seeds will grow to become what they are to be. Some tall, some short, some with deep roots and some swaying with each tail of wind.
Others will give us beautiful flowers while some will yield us fruits to enjoy. The seeds we plant must grow, but until then we must nurture with good soil, water and lots of faith.
Our values and beliefs are like the soil. This is where our seeds will first find life and begin to sprout. Our lives and words are like the water. This is how our plants will grow and blossom into its fullness. Our journey will need lots of faith as we wait for our plants to bear fruits.

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Dear Mother

Dear Mother,
Love like you have never loved.
Give like you have never given.
Pray like you have never prayed.
Hug like you have never hugged.
Believe like you have never believed.
Encourage like you have never done before.
Build up,
Lift up,
Speak up,
Hold up.
You are enough!
You are able.
You are a mother.
You are a giver.
You are a builder.
You make great memories.
You leave deep impressions in our hearts.
And you can hold the hearts of your children forever.